How We Approach Care Giving

USP believe that best personal care is best guaranteed when we work with the whole unit of “client, family and friends” in partnership and coproduction for all stakeholders

Our Resolve

Team work is the goal!!!

USP believe that best personal care is best guaranteed when we work with the whole unit of “client, family and friends” in partnership and coproduction for all stakeholders.

As a bespoke provider, we do our hardest to get carer that gets on well with client, and would make the introduction in good for client, as they build good knowledge of care plan and the “Person”, including one of the team attending with carer on day 1.

It does not stop there, we build dedicated team that looks after our clients, involving known family members in your care to ensure best outcomes for clients and everyone.

Our Team Value

Clients are supported to administer medication where required, as our care workers are trained in these tasks for clients’ wellbeing, including use of specialist technique

Due to the diversity amongst our carers, we would work with you to have meals that meets your dietary and nutritional requirements, and personal preferences, including specific favourite meals; and support in feeding reassuringly

Our compassionate and experienced carers would provide necessary assistance with toileting, bathing, dressing, and grooming ready for the day in dignity. We endeavour to match carers with clients so they can bond and work together

USP Social Care staff are at hand for Support with mobility requirements; following requisite training that ensure they can help our clients move about safely, including better use of their mobility aids and harnesses for safety

It is normal for our carers to clean areas that they have used during their work, including tidying up the home, managing laundry, light house cleaning, and taking out rubbish safely to the relevant assigned location for clients

Depends on what we captured in your personal care plan, which could include your special social interests and personal preferences - our carer learn them and become conversant in helping you maintain such activities and hobbies indoors and externally

In a space where ‘Task & Time” is common. – our carers would always make time to ensure you feel respected, providing companionship as possible. We achieve this through deploying right ‘carers for the clients’ so they get to know personal trait, likes and dislikes where possible

Our Approach

We have a specialized approach to what we do which keeps our clients happy at all times...

Contact Us

We are always available to answer you...

Contact Us

Our care advisors are always available by phone or email,  ready to arrange and meet you to better understand your care needs.

Meet With Us

We will fix a meeting to discuss...

Meet With Us

Following our meetings, and assessments – we would develop a personalised care plan and endeavour assign health care assistant, experienced and matched to client personality

Care Giving

Client continue to receive care...

Care Giving

Client continue to receive care and engage with our responsive and compassionate team, working hard to know how best to meet needs, and benefiting from our Smart IT system

Payment Method

Come to an agreement on payment method...

Payment Method

Agree method of payment that suits, and enjoy high quality services from our carers

24/7 Availability

We Are Available For Home Care Consultation

...Get in Touch

Through us you can make your “Home Care Personal” or your loved One in a very simple steps!

You can get started today with a non-obligation consultation, and come to the knowledge why so many people in the UK are entrusting their care to USP Social Care to deliver best quality care in their homes and look after them and loved!

Benefits of our approach

Why Prefer Us?

At USP Social Care we recognise the challenge when it comes to getting a personal carer, and potentially looking at yourself as losing control! It is not the case – we shall consult with you firstly as you feel comfortable with family; and then carry out a personal needs and care assessment by our experienced a dedicated staff. This helps us know and learn more what you’re hoping to accomplish from your care, know the hours package (whether privately funded and social services), explore any associated risks with your property (home) and share the outcomes and expected goals with you.

Importantly, your care plan would be in both paper and smart digital format too! A dedicated staff would be always on call for your support, including ensuring that carers are personally introduced, and you are happy with them supporting you!

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At any time...

We are Home Personal Care Providers of excellence, delivering "Person Centred" care Services as it should be, putting our clients FIRST!

USP Social Care are focused on providing experienced and professional carers to support clients in the comfort of their homes, and supports our team with development, and integration of thoughtful smart technology to ensure all support, including clients with 24/7 care services are managed care safely, effectively, and responsively for them and peace of mind of your family.

...It is about providing supportive, compassionate, and high-quality home care services that meet clients' needs…!