Our History

At the Unique Services Portfolio, we are founded and exist to provide social healthcare services of Home Care, Personal Care, and necessary activities of daily support services (ADLs)

About Us

Unique Services Portfolio (USP) Was Established
Unique Services Porfolio Was Founded

Unique Service Portfolio (USP) was founded in 2020, by a committed and enthusiastic group of individuals with lived experienced of the social Health Care challenges while having loved ones with complex care needs in both Ireland the UK and have amassed impressive project management skills in their professional lives too.

Unique Services Portfolio (USP) Advanced
Why Unique Services Portfolio was Founded

Unique Services Portfolio was established to provide care as it should be, putting the client at the centre of the work with we do – not profit, because each of the pioneers has been tossed around by the system where needs far outreaches the resources and the provisions in place to support the vulnerable people in the need of the services and cannot articulate their needs as the majority of the society.

Why We Became Unique
The Difference

At the time of founding, we as a group are used to the same concerns of ‘people’ who do not know your troubles and pains continuing to be our care providers - make same mistake, misrepresenting genuine concerns, continuously talk about business – as most times “our loved one’s” woes were their meal ticket and profitability. We knew we can do better, make the limited scare resources go further and squeeze in a few hours that are desperately needed so family carers can have a deserved break to recharge, and our loved can get quality care that effective and person-cantered from people they can relate to and build trust and partnership.

Our Word is Our Bond
Our Promise

The journey is just beginning, as we would continue to develop new projects and services based on our core vision of providing support, respecting our clients, and ensuring they can be supported with their daily medical needs, social participations, domestic routines and personal needs and, even as we they continue to improve their health, comfort and lifestyle. Watch this space.