Vision & Values

Our vision is social care giving by enthusiastic professionals “not a stop Gap,” and enabling services recipient to improve their health, comfort, and lifestyle in dignity

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Our unwavering commitment to our values is at the forefront of everything we do​

We hold ourselves accountable to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and client satisfaction, ensuring that our mission is not only achieved but surpassed.

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How We Make Our Vision Come Alive

By providing quality and dignified care to those in most need and least likely to articulate and voice their needs as the majority population, we aim to bring about change in belief of their predicament as privilege through partnership and bring services and players together.

We offer quality home care services to those with learning and physical disabilities in the comfort of their homes, helping them with their daily medical needs, social participations, domestic routines, and personal needs

We equally provide specialist support to people with complex care needs, epilepsy, dementia, autism, and bipolar conditions through listening and working with them and their families and representatives as they continue to live at their homes, as independently as possible, supported by our experienced carers

Our Values

We promote the core that holds our society together, which includes equal opportunity, diversity, inclusiveness, person-centered, excellence and innovation; and partnership while enabling our clients to continue living in the comfort of their homes as independently as possible and taking part as individuals in their local communities

  • By Equality

    We strongly believe in fairness and equality of opportunity for people irrespective of disability. We give respect to our clients, and this is central to how we approach our care giving as a team!

  • By Inclusion and Person-Centred

    We believe our clients, just as everyone who can articulate their needs better - deserves to feel safe and have their human rights upheld. We put them first, listen, and work with them to ensure their needs are met.

  • Diversity

    We recognise uniqueness of the clients we serve, their place in our common diverse community; respects their individual experience and ensure they get that personal care in the course of our work.

  • Partnership

    To meet the core needs of our clients, it demands genuine partnership. We are open and committed to collaborating with relevant professionals in partnership as we they nudge us effectively towards achieving our vision.

  • Innovation

    We are committed to continuous improvement, and consistently embracing new ways of working that deliver better outcomes each day for our stakeholders.

  • Excellence

    We back ourselves to provide the best quality care services and achieving the highest standard of client care. Through lived-experience, we are in this business – for the care!